Name Tag Palace

Replacement Name Tags

Sometimes it is possible to order for name tags and upon receipt find that the name tags were not the particular ones that you ordered. In such cases, the customer has two options, either to return it to the local/ overseas supplier, or to use it. In both cases, the customer has to make a formal request to the supplier through mail or phone.

If the customer is dissatisfied with the entire package, he or she can inform the supplier and seek replacement or money refund. The most probable of the two options would be replacements. Most suppliers do not offer refund but replacement of the entire package. The reason for this is that the money that is received is transferred hence processing refunds may inconvenience the supplier.

If the order was made locally from a nearby store, customers can expect quick replacement. On the contrary, request for replacement online may mean that you send the package to the overseas supplier and wait for the replacement to be made. The supplier will also want to know the reason for the change in mind. This process may take time. If you want quick replacement for your name tags, then you should consider visiting you local store and request for replacement. Sometime, you may be required to pay some fee.