Name Tag Palace

Looking For Quality Name Tags?

Look no further!  Name Tag Palace offers high quality magnetic name tags of all shapes and sizes.  Our custom designs, hard work, and exceptional customer service set us apart from all other companies.  Feel free to call us anytime for assistance, we'll give you an instant price quote and make the ordering process as easy as possible.

How To Order Name Tags

There are simply two ways that individuals can order name tags. The first method is by making ordinary orders in stores. The customer submits a purchase order to the store that sells these labels and waits for the evaluation of the order. This method is very efficient when placing orders for bulk supply. Particulars of the orders are taken and the sale people proceed to identify and package the name tags.

Once they verify that they have packaged the right name tags they send the package to the customer who also acknowledges receipt of the same and confirms their nature. Payment is made either in whole or in part and can be made in cash or in cheque.

The second way of ordering name tags is by placing a request order in online stores. The same procedures are followed as in the first case; however, the mode of payment and delivery varies. Online payments are made by credit cards or funds transfer. The customer also has to wait for at least a week before receiving the name tag package. Once the customer receives the package he or she confirms the nature of the name tags and approves the package.